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Welcome to the Technic Pack Wiki! This is a work-in-progress Wikia, but with some helpful user contributions, including tips, crafting recipes and more! The Technic Pack was made by the Technic Pack team and made much more popular by The Yogscast. It contains 32 mods, including tools to make said mods function such as ModLoader. The Technic Pack includes lots of mods that automate machines, allow you to create matter out of other matter, among other mods, with the end goal of adding a whole new aspect to Minecraft.

The main Technic pack website is

The Technic Pack Forums can be found here.

All Technic tutorials, including the install guide, can be found -LETS MAKE ONE-.

A list of mods in the technic pack can be found here.

For Technic Pack (Tekkit) SMP support and information, see The Tekkit Wiki.

The Technic Wiki Forums are located here and you can also get to them from the dropdown menu under "community" at the wiki's navigation bar.

(March 24, 2012)

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Very new, working on pictures and more pages filled with information to help make tekkit simpiler!
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